Agarwood Therapy

Use of incense for unexpected effects
During the Newcastle pneumonia epidemic, Chinese medicine in China has successfully demonstrated its unique role and provided new ideas and experiences for global epidemic prevention and control. In this period, in addition to personal protective measures, “aromatherapy” can also be applied to improve personal resistance and immunity.
According to the concept of “treating the disease before it happens”, the Wuhan Expert Group on Chinese Medicine for Pneumonia with Novel Coronavirus Infection has developed a customized “Recommended Program for Home Prevention of Pneumonia with Novel Coronavirus Infection”, which includes aromatherapy, which recommends sniffing the nose with herbal incense packs and snuff bottles several times a day. In addition, the “pneumonia of new coronavirus infection in Hainan Province, Chinese medicine prevention and treatment program (public version of the second version of the trial)” also clearly indicates that the air fumigation method can be used for prevention: “the use of aromatic Chinese medicine to remove obscenities and purify the air environment; can be made of incense, mugwort, moxa, calamus and other appropriate amount of incense sacs to wear to purify the mouth, nose small environmental air; can also be decocted Fumigation to purify the air in the living room, office and other local environment (Note: allergic people should be used with caution).”
Agarwood Therapy
Incense, a very rare Chinese herbal medicine, many ancient medical texts are recorded, modern medical research has also proved the pharmacological effects of incense: incense contains benzyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol has a bactericidal effect, especially Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus pyogenes. The decoction of domestic incense has an inhibitory effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis of human type, and on Mycobacterium fowleri and Mycobacterium fowleri, it also has a strong antibacterial effect. During the SARS epidemic, the Chinese medicine Xinxue Granules, which was recommended, used the Chinese herb incense.
In addition, incense has a variety of medical uses for treating various medical conditions, especially for people in sub-health.
People who suffer from poor sleep or chronic insomnia are advised to use incense threads to assist in their treatment. Studies have shown that the benzene extract of incense can prolong cyclic vinyl barbiturate-induced sleep, lower body temperature, and suppress central nervous activity. The ingredients of incense spirulase, incense furan, and incense white mullein acid can sedate the central nervous system and have the effect of treating insomnia. Before going to bed, light incense incense, along with the unique scent of incense, so that the body in an exhale, slowly into a restful sleep.
Agarwood Therapy
For people who are stressed or easily tense, it is advisable to use incense to assist in treatment. Sedum has anesthetic, analgesic and muscle relaxing effects: the boiled liquid and boiled wine sediment of the Chinese herb sedum can inhibit the voluntary contraction of isolated guinea pig ileum and counteract the spastic contraction caused by histamine and acetylcholine. Experimentally, the extract of sedum has proved to have a certain promotion effect on the antihistamine effect of trachea, and has the effect of sedation and asthma. The use of incense thread incense, physiologically can relieve the body muscle tension, calming nerves; in the psychological, but also allows the emotions to be expressed, so that the effective release of stress.
People with weak intestines and stomach or indigestion are advised to use incense threads to assist in their treatment. If you have frequent stomach fullness, stuffiness and distension, poor appetite and less food, aggravated after eating or exertion, you should pay attention to whether you suffer from spleen and stomach weakness type indigestion. Animal experiments have proven that incense helps to enhance the motor function of the intestines and stomach, increase the secretion of gastric juices, and has a therapeutic effect on “fullness” and “gastric pain”.
Agarwood Therapy
Nowadays, office workers often leave early and return late, day and night reversal, three meals unpredictable, easy to produce a variety of discomfort, so that the human body in a sub-healthy state; the outbreak of the spread of the epidemic, but also make people anxious, tired of coping, and even psychological stress, and commonly used “aromatherapy”, can make the body internal adjustment of blood, spleen and stomach, external increase resistance and immunity, and ultimately form a comprehensive defense effect.
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