Agarwood Therapy – Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, also known as aromatherapy, refers to the use of aromatic plants in appropriate dosage forms, which are applied to the body in different ways to prevent and treat disease. The term “aromatherapy” was first introduced by French doctor Kim Wallnai in 1964, but if we trace back the history, we can assume that as early as thousands of years ago, the major ancient civilizations have begun to use aromatic plants to achieve the purpose of healing and health.
In China, aromatherapy has a long history and a long history. For example, Qu Yuan mentioned aromatherapy several times in his “Li Sao”: “Hu Jiang Li and Pei Yan Ruoxi, stringing autumn orchids for their pearls.” In various famous classical medical books, such as the Jin Dynasty’s “Post-Elbow Preparation and Emergency Formula”, the Tang Dynasty’s “Thousand Gold Essential Formula”, the Yuan Dynasty’s “Shi Shi Medical Gaining Effect Formula” and the Ming Dynasty’s “Compendium of Materia Medica”, the formulas and benefits of various aromatherapy treatments are all recorded in detail. The Dragon Boat Festival in China has been practiced since ancient times by burning spices, wearing incense bags, and quoting medicinal wine made from spices to ward off diseases and evil spirits.
Agarwood Therapy - Aromatherapy
There are many specific ways to use aromatherapy, such as the aromatherapy method – putting aromatic medicines in a bag to make an aromatic bag on the chest; the aromatic pillow method – using aromatic medicines as a pillow core to make a pillow or put in a pillowcase; the aromatic bath method – using aromatic medicines to soak in the bath or -Aroma bath method – using aromatic drugs to soak in the bath or decoction to heat steam; aroma compress method – aromatic drugs made into a paste on the acupuncture points and so on. One of the most effective methods is the aromatherapy method, is to ignite the aromatic drugs to make it burn, is also a relatively fast-acting method.
The use of incense as spices for aromatherapy is the oldest aromatherapy: incense made into incense, incense ring, incense and other products, when needed to light the incense, so that the fragrance of incense filled the room, breathe in the aroma, incense particles through the mouth and nose to go throughout the body, directly to the foci of disease, open the orifice to save the emergency, move the qi and blood.
Agarwood Therapy - Aromatherapy
Shen Xiang relieves the symptoms. The so-called superficial evidence means that the disease is superficial, mostly seen in the early stage of external infection, the lung is affected by evil. Superficial evidence is caused by the invasion of external evil into the muscular surface, and can be divided into two types: superficial heat evidence and superficial cold evidence. It is equivalent to the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection and the initial stage of infectious diseases in modern medicine. When you have symptoms of external infection, you can light incense beside your body, incense can assist in detoxifying the muscles and promoting sweating, dispersing superficial evil, relieving the superficial evidence, which can achieve the effect of penetrating the evil and relieving the superficial, aromatic and removing filth.
Shenxiang to resolve dampness. Dampness is most likely to invade the spleen and stomach, if dampness is trapped in the spleen, it will lead to spleen deficiency and stomach cold, loss of appetite, sleepiness and fatigue, heavy body sleepiness. The “Materia Medica” has said: “edema, spleen dampness. The spleen hates dampness and likes dryness. If pungency enters the spleen and dries dampness, edema will disappear. Where the small entry of evil gas, must be from the mouth and nose and into the mouth and nose for the Yang Ming’s orifice, Yang Ming deficiency is easy to evil gas, get fragrant and clear Yang’s gas, then the evil gas and spleen and stomach peace.” Aromatherapy using incense aromatherapy, can harmonize the stomach and smooth the middle, aromatic turbidity, benefit the spleen and stomach, eliminate bloating and fullness.
Shen Xiang moves Qi. Qi is not smooth, mostly refers to the liver and spleen is injured, the liver is the main drainage, the spleen is the main operation, various factors affect the internal organs qi operation, resulting in the declaration and drainage is not normal. The “Ben Cao Shu Jing” recorded: “sinkiang cure cold, rebellious qi, qi depression qi knot, special for the important medicine.” The use of incense and other incense drugs can enter the body to open the body meridian energy, move the qi, regulate the qi, regulate the middle and disperse the knots, suitable for qi stagnation and qi rebellion and other symptoms of adverse qi.
Agarwood Therapy - Aromatherapy
Shen Xiang opens the body. The use of incense can calm the mind, broaden the chest and regulate the qi, regulate the emotions and refresh the mind. It also enables students to focus more when studying, improve their understanding and add to their memory skills. In ancient times, it was the custom of the readers to read with incense, because the aroma would stimulate the veins responsible for the memory part of the brain, which could consolidate the memory and make the brain more flexible.
In recent years, aromatherapy has been gaining more and more attention in China, not only in daily health care, but also in clinical treatment. This shows that incense, known as the treasure of China, not only has a good ornamental value, but also has a very valuable medicinal value. Incense lovers in the process of incense, should have an in-depth understanding of the function and role of incense in various aspects, and only then, can really feel the infinite charm of incense.
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