Methods and benefits of making agaric by hand

Xiangxiang has been considered as a kind of “spiritual and Qi thing” since ancient times. The earliest place of use can be traced back to the ceremony of the sacrifice ceremony in tribal society. It has the effect of decontamination, removing evil, mindfulness and clearing the spirit, can eliminate the evil Qi in the body and regulate the operation of the Qi in the body. It is especially necessary for diseases of heart, liver, stomach, kidney and lung.
The handicraft technology of the ancient method of making the fragrant line fragrance is a little complicated and complicated, but it can also reflect the seriousness, piety and treasure degree of ancestors when making these “spiritual and Qi things”.
Methods and benefits of making agaric by hand

First, we should select the raw materials of the fragrant incense. For the production of fine quality, we must choose the fragrant fragrance of rich oil and strong flavor. Generally, the soft and fragile Huian system should be selected. Among them, the fragrance from Hainan, Liangguang and Fusen, Vietnam is the best. The fragrance is sweet, cool and sweet, and the flower fragrance is the best raw material for making line fragrance; After the selection, the raw materials should be cleaned and dried to remove the impurities of fragrance. The less impurities of raw materials, the cleaner the impurities, the higher the purity and quality of the finished products.
Methods and benefits of making agaric by hand

Secondly, we should grind the raw materials of Aloe by hand. The fragrance regulator mixed and ground the raw materials of different places and different fragrance, which made the advantages and disadvantages, and made the fragrance more abundant and long. Different from machine grinding, the fragrance regulator can detect the flavor more acutely and adjust it at any time; In order to make the finished product burn more fully and evenly, after the first manual grinding, it is necessary to screen the powder manually, remove impurities and screen out the particles of the fragrant powder no less than that of machine grinding; After repeated grinding by the fragrance regulator, it can be made into a small and delicate fragrant powder. Then, we should mix and rub the powder with a certain proportion of pure water and natural plant adhesive, and mix and rub it evenly. Many businesses use unnatural chemical adhesives that can make the incense burn longer and not break easily, but toxic gases will be produced after combustion. Therefore, to make good line fragrance, natural plant adhesive powder is needed. Plant adhesive powder is mainly made of elm, nanmu and plant vine, which can make the fragrance better formed and will not destroy the original fragrance of sunxiang. After the fragrance, put the cluster of fragrant into the machine for pressure, making it into strips.
Next, lay the incense on the board, straighten, lay, lay, and cut the winding incense by hand. The fragrance is very fragile at this time. Once the operation is not careful, it will be broken and can only be abandoned and redone. Therefore, it takes a long time and delicate techniques to make fragrance by hand, and it is a test to the patience and skill of the artists to gather the wisdom and effort of the artists. Moreover, the consumption rate and the inferior rate are usually high. This is undoubtedly an important reason why the fragrance is very precious.
Methods and benefits of making agaric by hand

Finally, the molding of the incense for Yin dry treatment, in the ventilation backlight for drying; After drying, the finished product is put into the moisture proof and shock proof packaging for natural mellow, which makes the flavor material more mellow under the catalysis of time.
Methods and benefits of making agaric by hand

The steps of making the fragrant line incense by hand are complicated, time consuming and the output is small. Each branch of incense is a unique and creative one. Now, the fragrance of the fragrance is no longer the privilege of the royal family, but the elegance of the common people. In the morning, the evening and the silent night, there is a fragrance in the quiet place, and the color of the mountains and rivers is observed, the elegant music is heard, and the fragrance is smelled. Why not do you have fun?
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