The purchase of hand made aloes

Since ancient times, there are four kinds of incense: Chenxiang, sandalwood, Longxiang and musk deer. Among them, Chenxiang is the leading one. The so-called “light and far away, very special and ordinary.” Aquilaria with its quiet, sweet, cool, elegant unique aroma to win, in history left a heavy ink.
Tang Youyan wrote a few words in “tell your heart, Yusha new pomegranate skirt”: “Yusha new pomegranate skirt, Chenxiang slow fire smoke. Yueluo double belt palace like, flying Heron blue wave pattern The elegant silk and satin taste of aloes. The clothes follow the breeze, and the fragrance follows the red sleeves. Every move has a subtle fragrance, which is exciting and just right.
The purchase of hand made aloes

Tang Youyan wrote a few words in “tell hou Bangyan’s su Mu zhe Liao Chen Xiang: “Liao Chen Xiang, eliminate the heat.”. The birds call for sunshine, they invade the dawn and peep at the eaves Fine burning aloes in addition to the hot and humid summer, cool water, refreshing.
Eaglewood is beautiful and excellent. How to appreciate agarwood without savoring the fragrance?
Hui’an is a famous producing area of aloes, mainly including Zhongshan, which is known as “the hometown of Chinese aloes”, Hong Kong, Hainan, which is the best producing area of aloes, and Vietnam, which is famous for its quality. The aroma of aloes produced in these places is unique and is talked about by the world. Huian fragrance is famous for its “serenity”. It has the fragrance of flowers and fruits, and is based on sweetness. However, it is sweet but not greasy, and powdery but not vulgar. It is just like a lady who is fresh and refined, gentle and moving. The combination of flower and fruit fragrance and sweet cool taste creates a pure and soft, cool and long, elegant and quiet fragrance of Huian Aquilaria. Huian fragrance is mostly “filiform”, which makes people feel calm, comfortable and quiet.
The purchase of hand made aloes

Hainan Aquilaria has strong fragrance diffusion and penetration, and rich flavor changes. When Hainan Aquilaria is ignited, the fragrant and sweet flowers and fruits are immediately surrounded, and the strong turbid smell is removed from the flowers and fruits. The smell is transparent, and the aura rises. The combination of sweet fruit aroma and cool taste produces a sweet and quiet taste, which is like a girl holding flowers and slowly soaking in the spring. After a long time of ripening and refining, Hainan Aquilaria has faded its green and astringent smell of burnt wood, leaving endless sweetness and softness, with a full heritage.
Vietnam Aquilaria, with its unique fragrance, is unique among Hui’an Aquilaria. Compared with Hainan Aquilaria, Vietnam Aquilaria is sweeter and cooler. When burning aloes, the specious fragrance of peppermint is slowly distributed, and the coolness reaches the heart. It is also entangled with the fragrance of flowers and fruits, like the melons and fruits after the rain, which are fresh, fragrant, and thirsty. Among them, Yazhuang eaglewood has honey fragrance, sweet cool and sweet, elegant, fine and continuous aftertaste. The unique earthy smell of red earth in the cool and sweet of Fusen red earth Aquilaria, accompanied by a strong milk flavor, makes the smell rich and lasting.
The purchase of hand made aloes

Xingzhou fragrance is not the same as Huian fragrance. The strong and thick fragrance invades your sense of smell fiercely. The enchanting wood fragrance hides the spicy and turbid flavor. Xingzhou fragrance is mostly “flaky” fragrance, with mellow smell and single charm, which brings steady and mysterious mellow fragrance.
With its unique flavor, Hui’an fragrance attracts everyone who tastes it. Whether it’s tea, chess, calligraphy and painting, meditation, or sleeping, you can light up a piece of Hui’an aloes. The fragrance is cool and faint, and it is surrounded by the house. All this thin melancholy fades away. As the saying goes: a thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets. With the change of temperature, humidity and light, the fragrance of Aquilaria is integrated with the environment, creating a variety of intriguing olfactory experience and artistic conception. It’s hard to describe the charm of Aquilaria fragrance. It seems that you can only know the deep meaning by tasting it in person
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